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Take Care a Lot of fake travel agent in beijing

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82 travel agencies were investigated for illegal "one-day trip"

Last year, we received 897 illegal “one-day trip” complaints, a 44% decrease from the same period last year;

The reporter learned from the Beijing Municipal Tourism Commission yesterday that this year it will make up its mind to rectify travel agencies and continue to control illegal “one-day trips”. At the same time, it requires all travel agencies in Beijing to report operating and financial information to the tourism administration department according to law, and to fully grasp the overall nature of Beijing travel agencies. Business conditions.

Illegal and illegal travel agencies first suspended operations before processing

The data shows that from January 1, 2017 to March 27, 2018, the Municipal Tourism Commission Quality Supervision Institute accepted 3,476 complaints from various channels, including 1,829 complaints from travel agencies. An analysis of the object of the complaint and the main causes of the complaint revealed that the complaints of the travel agency mainly focused on non-performance of the contract, failure to meet the service standards during the performance of the contract, changes to the contract, and unauthorized termination of the contract.

Relevant person in charge of the Municipal Tourism Commission said that in response to the high number of complaints from travel agencies and the repeated damage to the interests of tourists, this year the Beijing Municipal Tourism Commission is determined to rectify travel agencies, regulate the operation of travel agencies, and violate the tourism laws and regulations and the relevant provisions of the Municipal Tourism Commission. , Will take decisive measures to suspend its travel agency business operations before further processing.

Illegal day trip complaints fell 44% year-on-year

Illegal "day trips" remain the focus of governance. Zhu Xueqing, the captain of the law enforcement brigade of the Municipal Tourism Commission, said that in 2018, he will work with the "travel police" and other relevant departments to control the illegal "one-day trip" chaos. Illegal solicitation and distribution of small tourist advertisements at key points such as Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, Qianmen, Wangfujing, Deshengmen, etc., forcing tourists to consume, using tourism + photography, religious worship, convalescent living, outdoor sports, study tours, research Various "Tourism +" modes, such as performances and performances, will be found together and investigated together as a cover to defraud tourists of money and behaviors, as well as insulting tourists in the tour leader's itinerary.

According to its introduction, in 2017, a total of 897 complaints related to illegal "one-day tours" were received, a decrease of 44% compared to 1,612 complaints in 2016, and 106 cases were punished throughout the year, involving 82 travel agencies and 24 individuals with cumulative confiscation. The amount of more than 2.25 million yuan, the number and type of penalties hit a record high.

- Supervision

Travel agency must report operating financial information

Since 2017, there have been a number of centralized complaints involving travel agencies in Beijing, including Haitao Travel Agency, Qingyang Wuzhou Travel Agency, Wynn International Travel Agency, Haiyun Tiandi Travel Agency, etc. The main complaints are focused on travel agencies receiving a large number of tourist package packages, outbound travel Deposits, illegal sales of wealth management products, etc., due to poor business management, broken capital chains, and even suspected violations of law have caused the interests of tourists to be damaged.

In order to better protect the rights and interests of tourists and grasp industry information, Zhang Jing, director of the Municipal Tourism Commission's Administrative Office, introduced that travel agencies previously reported information to the statistical department once a year. Beginning this year, travel agencies in Beijing are required to report operating and financial information to the tourism administrative department in accordance with the law, including employee status, group status, tour guide status, operating income profit and tax status, etc., to fully grasp the overall operating status of Beijing travel agencies. In addition, this information needs to be integrated with the electronic itinerary system to understand the real-time travel agency developments in Beijing.

Zhang Jing said that travel agencies are asset-light enterprises. Many newly established travel agencies do not have too many fixed assets. In addition, travel products are prepaid products. At this time, it is easy for travel agencies to gather a large amount of funds, and the operation of travel agencies determines whether they can be good. The custody funds of tourists are kept in place, so the tourism administrative department needs to master and understand the operation of travel agencies to ensure the security of tourists' group funds and better regulate the industry.

In addition, this year's Beijing tourism industry credit supervision platform will be implemented to comprehensively evaluate the operation and taxation of all tourism companies and travel agencies, as well as the credit value of the financial system and banking system. Finally, we hope to bring the overall corporate credit situation to the society. Public notice for tourists' reference. (Reporter Sha Lu)

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