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How to choose a formal travel agency? What kind of travel agency can be reassuring?

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With the continuous development of society, people's demand for tourism products is getting higher and higher. The increase in demand for tourism products has led to a mix of tourism companies or travel agencies in the market. Many outdoor clubs, training institutions and even health care products companies are playing With the banner of a travel company to induce customers to sign up in various ways, people simply can't tell which companies are formal and which are not. In the face of this complex market, how do we choose a travel company or travel agency? Let's listen to it for more than 60 years Let's share the experience of the China National Travel Service.

How to choose a regular travel agency, what kind of travel agency can be reassuring

Method one, see if there is a formal tourism contract

If we fancy a travel company or travel agency and do n’t know if it is normal, then we can consult with their website customer service staff through their official website and ask them if they will sign a special travel contract and whether they will There is a special seal for travel agency contracts. Generally, regular brand travel agencies have travel contracts. This is also to protect the rights and interests of our tourists.

How to choose a formal travel agency:

Method two, look at the qualifications of their travel agency

Generally, the qualifications of regular travel companies or travel agencies are very complete. They all have special travel agency business licenses, business licenses, and tax registration certificates. If a large deposit is required for remittance, it must be an account with a travel agency as the account name.

Method 3: Look at the service attitude of travel agency staff

Generally speaking, the attitude of regular large travel agencies is very good. This can be felt during the consultation process, because only high-quality, high-capacity travel agency teams can be stronger and bigger. Only such a good travel agency will give us a good travel experience.

See if their prices and schedules are reasonable

In general, the regular travel agencies' lines are reasonable in design, and the attractions are arranged in a clear, primary and secondary manner. Many are not complicated. Before we travel, we must make clear which fees belong to the group fee and which fees need to take care of themselves At the same time, it is necessary to communicate the travel return time, transportation, accommodation, meals, payment of attraction tickets, whether there is a full tour guide, whether there are shopping arrangements, whether the travel agency has purchased travel agency liability insurance, and whether to recommend to tourists to purchase a full amount of travel as required Accident insurance, etc.

Recently, the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Tourism issued the "Notice on Carrying out the" Summer Rectification "of the Comprehensive Rectification of the National Tourism Market Order", and once again clearly stated that those organizations and individuals who organize tourism through outdoor clubs, WeChat groups, training institutions, health products, insurance companies, etc They are not credible. They often induce tourists at low prices. They do not have special travel agency business qualifications. They will not be responsible if there is a problem. They do not have any guarantees in terms of safety and formality. Great security risks, once accidents or disputes occur, it is difficult to defend rights.

Our travel agency is one of China's top 500 travel companies and China's top 100 travel agencies. It has been ranked among the top 100 of Chinese travel agencies for more than ten years. The tourism service has won the top three sales rankings of Beijing Travel Agency for many years and won the title of "Excellent Sales Department". National routes, among the top travel agencies


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