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Our tourguide win the Game

Time:2018-04-12   Views:1132

Our tourguide win the Game!!!

On the afternoon of April 22, 2019, the Belt and Road International Summit was about to be held. The ninth Beijing Tour Guide Skills Enhancement Contest and the National Tour Guide Contest Selection Final were held in the Beijing International Hotel. This competition is co-sponsored by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, the Beijing Federation of Trade Unions, the Beijing Committee of the Communist Youth League, the Beijing Women's Federation, with the support of the Capital Spiritual Civilization Construction Committee Office, the Beijing Park Management Center, the Beijing Tourism Industry Association and Beijing Co-organized by the television station. It is reported that the theme of this competition is "Professional skills, exhibition guide style, and industry model". It was officially launched in early March. After a fierce competition, a total of 132 players entered the preliminary round, and 40 players entered the rematch. The "ten eliminations" competition, the top ten players stand out. They are Zhu Kejing, Ye Liyang, Shu Naiguang, Ji Yi, Chen Si, Zhao Jie, Zhang Chengsong, Wu Dongyi, Niu Yaqi, and Pang Sener.

In the final scene, the top ten players competed on the same stage. Through the creation of their own guide words, on-site creation of guide words, mandatory questions and rush questions, etc., they focused on assessing the professional ethics and comprehensive knowledge of tour guides and interpreters Reserve level, ability to explain professionally, ability to communicate and coordinate, ability to respond to emergencies, ability to guide civilized tourism, policies and regulations, current affairs and politics, and ability to understand and master the results of Beijing's urban construction. The contestants explained ancient and modern Chinese and foreign history and culture, such as the Silk Road, the old Beijing flyover culture, and the Beihai Ice Cellar, and fully demonstrated the professional style and professional skills of Beijing's outstanding tour guides and interpreters.


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